Happy first {official} Father's Day to the man that hung our moon and stars! On this day a year ago, we let the world know that baby Huff was on the way. I think I was only like 10 weeks pregnant at the time. In hindsight, that was brave. LOL.

Chad is spending his first Father's Day on another continent. He's away working in Norway for two weeks, but don't worry, we celebrated before he left.  And it's not Father's Day in Norway so I figured he deserved today's blog post spotlight.

Before we get to Chad (wait your turn, bud), I want to mention that not only is he a great dad, we are fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful fathers in our lives. He had great examples set by not only his own father (hey, Ruru!), but also mine and both of our older brothers. Cooksey is named after some of the best men to ever walk the earth, and we are lucky that they are ours. Thank you, Pookie, Ricky, Tommy, Rowdy and Mick, for showing us what it takes to be a great dad, husband and gentleman. We love y'all more than words can ever express.

Now, on to CC. I believe he will agree with me when I say the last five months of our lives have been nothing short of chaotic and wonderful. No one can ever prepare you for becoming a parent. No books, no blogs, no classes can explain the life-changing magic that is having a baby. Cooksey is the greatest and the hardest journey we have ever been on. And we've both realized a whole new level of love since he he's been born. (And that we're not as important as we thought we were.)

But as I've watched Chad transition into his new role, I've fallen more in love with him than I even knew there was room left for. Sometimes, I want to suffocate him with a pillow at 3 am when he doesn't hear the baby, and I know I've snapped at him more times than warranted these last few months. But, damnit, he's so cute when he sings those stupid songs to Cookie and puts on the diapers backwards. There is no one else I would rather navigate this journey with. Not even Leonardo DiCaprio or George Springer. I mean it.

So here's to Chad! Thanks for making me a mommy, and thanks for being an amazing dad and human being. Cookie and I are so lucky to have you. I'd even venture to say we are #blessed.

Here are some pictures from Chad's adventure in Norway. Happy Father's Day from the states, Daddoo!




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