Life Lately #1

Welcome to the first edition of Life Lately on Coloring Out Loud. I’ll try to do these periodically to keep everyone caught up on what we’re doing. Here goes!
CC is finally home from Norway. I didn’t know I would miss him so much, but boy did I. I realized while he was gone how much a part of me he is. Like he’s just an extension of myself. I like to text or call or tell him my every thought, or ask him questions, or share stories with him any chance I get and I couldn’t do that when he was gone. He had a great time in Norway, gained invaluable experience and knowledge for his career and enveloped himself in the adventure, but I’m pretty sure he’s just as thrilled to be home as Cookie and I are to have him home. I’ll share more pictures from his adventure at the end of this post.
And speaking of Cookie, he is growing and changing so fast. He’s telling me a story as I write this post. I’m loving this stage of his life. His personality is surfacing and it is a perfect blend of Chad and me. He has two looks: big smile and sparkly eyes like his daddy, and pensive and angry like his mama. Like I said, a perfect blend.
As for me, I’m loving this blog. I constantly think of things to write about; the hard part is finding the time to write them. I’ve said it many times before, but I mean it, please tell me what you’re interested in reading. I’m probably going to talk about myself, like a lot, so that may bore you. Or maybe that’s why you’re here. Either way, let a sister know. Feedback is my friend.
We had adventure day today as a family and walked all over our neighborhood and then downtown Brenham. I really love where we live. Not only is our house feeling more like home, this town is, too. Just a Sunday full of warm fuzzies and fun with my boys.
Chad and I have a busy week ahead as he readjusts to being an American and I prep for  board meeting at the bank. I’m hoping to get to write more in the evenings this week though. I got groceries today (via HEB Curbside, holllllaaaa) and I made sure there are plenty of sandwich fixins because I’m a trophy wife, not Suzy Homemaker. CC obviously married me for my looks, not my housekeeping.
So with that being said, I’m going to go finish the laundry that I started (I know, shocking) and then head to bed early. Leave comments, like my Instagram and be my friend in real life. Happy Sunday, folks.

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