A Dose of Reality

I wasn’t going to post this picture because it shows my cellulite and my legs are a little thicker right now than I’d like them to be. Cooksey was born 5 months ago and it’s been a hard process readjusting and getting to know my new body. I’m heavier and wider now, my waist isn’t as trim and I have a bit of a belly. But the stretch marks and cellulite are so worth it just to get to see that little boy smile at me at 3 am when I’m feeding him. All this to say, I posted it anyway.

This blog, I suppose, classifies as a lifestyle blog. But not in the traditional sense. I follow a ton of bloggers whose feeds are just gorgeous. Designer outfits, luxury homes, every hair in place. Ahh, I wish I had their energy. But I’m not like them, as much as I wish I was. I’ve stated before that I’m no Suzy Homemaker. But I try really hard to keep my house clean and my boys fed. I just live a more simple life I suppose. Chad and I had a talk yesterday about my blog. He said he doesn’t mind our lives being in front of the world online, but he does mind me going crazy trying to keep everything picture perfect. He knows I obsess over Emily Gemma’s blog (thesweetestthingblog.com) and how I strive to be like her in so many aspecjts of my life. He’s supportive of that because it is important to have positive role models, but it’s also important to remain true to who you are. It’s ok to ogle over the beautiful Instagram feeds and blog posts out there, but remember that those pictures are most often staged and those women are normal women too. Their homes get dusty and they have dishes in their sinks and their hair frizzes just like ours. We’re all human, we need to remember that. Their lives are beautiful and so fun to follow, but so is yours. Use their platforms to inspire you, not to compare your life to.

So that’s what I want to be: real. I want my blog to inspire but keep it honest. I want people to know that they’re not alone in the highs and the lows of life. That we all have messes but we all have more to celebrate. If you too struggle with the strive for perfection, might I suggest reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist. Such an uplifting read that centers you to what really matters.

So cheers! To cellulite and Snapchat filters and caffeine jitters. And all the things that help us through this wild life, including each other.



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