As my 86 followers know, I took a short hiatus from the social media world. People do this all the time so it’s not like I went on some great spiritual awakening adventure or anything. Just needed a cleansing of the soul and mind. Because being a wife and mother and sister and daughter and friend and super model is super hard and I get overwhelmed.

Let me explain. I have a 6 month old son, I work full time, I’m still unpacking my house from our move (last September, judge me), and all I want to do when I get home is watch the Astros with CC. So my house is in a constant state of disaster. I’m talking can’t see the laundry room floor, not one coffee cup clean, where is my hairbrush kinda dirty. It’s normal with a baby in the house, or so I’m told. So I let that eat at me, and I convince myself that I’m a terrible wife for not having an immaculately kept home and perfectly balanced dinner on the table every night. I tell myself I’m lazy for not getting a workout in everyday and reading at least a book a week and cranking out blogs and satisfying my social media updates. I was focused on the wrong things; on the “why I’m less than” instead of the “what makes me enough.” I was feeling overwhelmed and under qualified for all that I was trying to do. And in the midst of all of this, God sent me one word: less. Not that I am less, but that I need to focus on less. Less on perfection, less on the world, less on the balancing act. More on Him, more on my family, more on me.

I think we all need less sometimes. Less struggling, less working, less striving to be more. We need to focus on the small things, the life in front of our eyes rather than the life behind the screen. So that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been trying to do. Focus on me and mine, not them and theirs. I’m back to blogging now and I’ve got more to talk about than ever. Lucky you!

Stayed tuned for all the exciting adventures in the Huff House and what we’re into these days. Nothing is balanced, but what’s the fun balance anyway?



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