Life Lately #2

I feel like my blog has been super dramatic lately (sorry, it’s who I am, you signed up for this) so I wanted to do a Life Lately post that is more lighthearted. My Nanawee once bought me some hot pink silky pajamas that said “drama queen” all over them. I just remembered that and it’s pretty fitting. I wish I had those PJs in my adult life.

So for starters the Huff House is pretty much the same as it’s always been, just with more dirty diapers and empty beer cans. Cuz parenting. We fill our days as tightly packed as we can with work, daycare, running around trying to keep it all together and lots and lots of snuggles with Cooksey. Honestly, his daycare teachers keep me in line more than they should have to but I don’t know what I would do without them. They are always having to supply some item I left at home or reminding me to bring more diapers or wipes. They text me pictures of Cookie during the day and it just warms my heart that they love their “Honey Lamb” so much, And, yes, that is what the ENTIRE daycare staff calls him haha I couldn’t love them more.

Other than that, in our spare time we are now splitting TV time between Puppy Dog Pals, baseball and football. And Madden ’19 released today so I officially don’t have a husband until the new wears off. If any of my girlfriends want to go shopping, now’s the time because CC will be completely oblivious to my every move unless I’m in the kitchen cooking (and we all know that’s not happening).

I’ve taken up two new hobbies recently: painting and Poshmark. I was inspired to start painting by my neighbor who is just fabulous. She’s one of those people you meet and are like “dang, she’s cool.” She just inspires me so much. Both of my cool neighbors do. Hi, Shirley and Tricia! Anyway, when she has her garage open and I drive by I can always see what she’s working on and it’s always amazing. Her whole family will join in on the fun as well and they’re all world’s ahead of me in the talent pool. But it looked sooo fun so I started dabbling a bit. I pretend it’s in the “abstract” genre. It sounds fancier than “slapped on a canvas.” But I’m loving it! I even hung some of my own stuff in my house. It may be temporary but I really like it with my current style in my home.

And Poshmark has claimed my soul. I don’t know if y’all have ever been on to sell or buy anything, but I have done both several times at this point and I am addicted. I understand how gamblers get hooked now. So how it works, you just take pictures of your items and list them and once someone buys them, Poshmark emails you a shipping label and all you have to do is package it and send it off. Boom. Money. You can also get some really good deals on designer and luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. It’s so much fun to just browse all of the listings and see what deal you can find. Like thrift shopping from you couch. Amazing.

I’m also about to try my hand at the keto diet. Having a baby has made my weight just pile on and I’m sort of neglecting myself right now. I’m currently enrolled in Weight Watchers and I do love it, I’m just the world’s worst at tracking it all. I’m usually eating as I get Cooksey fed or ready for bed and it does take some time and diligence on WW to be successful. So I’m going to switch it up a bit and go keto for a while. And I know what you’re thinking; “Duh, Mackenzie, you still have to track on keto.” But I’ve been “dieting” for like 10 years now, and I can pretty much guess the nutritional value of a lot of foods. Plus in the past when I’ve needed to drop weight, low carb has worked for me. Pork tenderloin in the oven as we speak! If you have any good keto recipes, hook a sister up.

So there’s my rambling for now. I’m off to get the baby from daycare, and enjoy a night on the couch with my boys. I bought Cooksey some new books today and I can’t wait to see how he reacts to them. He can read already, NBD.



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