Drinking Cold Coffee

My two favorite Starbucks drinks: a soy latte and an iced coffee with coconut milk. Opposite ends of the spectrum, but because I live in Texas, they serve their respective purposes for different times of the year, often in the same week. Usually the iced, seldom the latte. But I love them both equally.

Typically, I’m a cold coffee drinker. I just can’t sip the hot stuff. I like to wait until I can almost just chug it. But this morning I drank it warmer than usual. It was perfect to me and went perfectly with the heavy cream in it (cuz ya know, keto). And I got to thinking, “this is how coffee is supposed to be enjoyed.” Warm and fresh. Black or with cream and sugar, however you like it, but fresh. Not leftover like I always do. Not forgotten and stale and bitter.

And then I got to thinking more “isn’t that how we go about life?” Waiting until we’re ready or things or more comfortable? I feel so cheesy writing this, like borderline Baptist preacher level here, but I’m right. We wait until life feels just right to do something, instead of taking advantage of the here and now and enjoying every second. I’m the prime example of this. It took me almost 10 years to start writing. I was waiting until I felt like I had it all together and had content and was inspired enough. (Read past blogs for why I started writing.) But the funny thing is, I started this on a whim one weekend while Chad was away for work and I was probably at one of my lowest points. Things were far from perfect; my mental health was suffering, I was overweight and insecure, and my home was in a constant state of disarray. But I got in there and said enough is enough. I’m tired of dreaming and not acting. And I drank that coffee cold. I waited too long, but eventually I did it.

I want that to be a lesson, not only to my readers but myself as well. Let’s {be cliche and} grab life by the horns! Things will never be perfect. There’s never a perfect time to act or do or go. Drink the coffee while it’s hot. You may not be quite ready, but wouldn’t you rather be excited and a bit unsure than boring a steady.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “do one thing every day that scares you.” I just love that.

Live life afraid. Drink hot coffee.



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