Getting Started

This whole blogging world seems so over my head most days. Am I even cut out for this? Shouldn’t I just mom and wife full time? Who wants to read my mess anyway?

Anyone else ever feel that way? You look to start a new venture or job or hobby and you think it’s already been done or I’m no good or I’m destined to fail. The truth is your world is as big as you’ll let it be, and if you think small you’ll be small. Don’t shrink yourself because you’re scared. Do the thing scared. Like I said in a previous post (see “Drinking Cold Coffee”) you should do things that scare you. You’ll never grow if you stay in your comfort zone.

I was talking to another friend who is starting her business up on Instagram and she told me how nervous she gets before she hits the post button. And I couldn’t agree more. It’s so terrifying to put yourself out there. No matter what your venture. If it’s a photo of your dog or you in a bikini, it’s still nerve wracking the post your life online. But let’s do it anyway. Let’s share and champion and encourage. Let’s love on each other and remind each other that we’re not alone and that someone sees you. I see you and I’m thankful you’re here. Thank you for reading and encouraging me to put my life out there. Thanks for helping me get started. And for reading my Sunday night rambles.



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