God knocked me down a peg tonight. Since C redid my website and I got out there and hustled on Instagram, I’ve gotten a few new followers. It’s not many, but I got excited to see my little blog space growing and reaching new people.

I had a completely different blog ready to publish tonight. I spent the day brainstorming all the cute photos I could take to accompany my post, and as soon as I got home I dolled up and tried to get the perfect shot. And when I couldn’t edit it to look like other bloggers I got insanely discouraged. Cooksey started fussing and was awfully hard to get down to sleep tonight and Chad and I had barely had a moment to even speak to each other from the time I walked through the door from work. I was flustered and about ready to explode. I felt overwhelmed and doomed to fail. I took a beat to go rock the baby and while I sang his usual bedtime songs (How He Loves Us and Revelation Song), I heard a voice. “Stick to my plan.”

God gently reminded me tonight that this blog is not to showcase designer clothes or feature my latest jet setting or boost me whatsoever. It is all him. It is all about empowering other women and reminding us all that we are not alone.

I lost sight of my purpose in a short 24 hours and was brought back to center tonight. I’m here to be a champion for you and for me and for all of us. I’m here to talk about the ugly and scary and messy parts of life. I’m here for his purpose, not my own.

I am no fashion blogger (as bad as I wish I could be) and I am not a travel blogger or food blogger or fitness blogger. I’m not a genius in the way of words. I have nothing profound to say. I am just a girl writing down her thoughts and hoping that they speak to someone. If one person is ever touched by my words, then my work is done.

Tonight I’m thankful for my purpose, and more on fire than ever to go live it.



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