Stop Wishing, Start Working

This post is coming at you from my pedicure chair. Took the baby to daycare and I’m having a me day. My me day includes a mani/pedi, grocery shopping and loads of laundry. It’s mama bliss.

Starting off 2019, I want to be refreshed. Hence, the me day. I want to reflect back on 2018, the victories and the setbacks and everything in between. I want to focus on where I failed and where I won and what I can do better. So mani/pedi it is to recoup and feel fresh.

2018 held a lot for the Huff family. Chad and I became parents to our sweet Cooksey Warren, we watched him grow and experience many highs and lows, and we grew a lot as husband and wife. We learned to rely on God more, and learned that we, in fact, are not the center of the universe. Go figure. It also included a career change for me, and I am now a high school English teacher. Never have I felt more fulfilled and purposeful in my career, and especially in my life. 2018 was good to us.

But 2019, I have a feeling, will be much better. We will celebrate Cooksey’s first birthday and our 5 year wedding anniversary. And extra exciting – Chad turns the big 3-0! Lots of good stuff coming our way. So in 2019 I want to be the best me I can be. I want to be exactly who and what I want to be unapologetically. Health, wealth and happiness, right?

Starting with health. In 2018, I battled postpartum depression and anxiety and I am happy to say now that I think those days are behind me. I am more hopeful and optimistic these days, and damn it feels good to be back. Mental health will always be a large focus of mine. So this year I am doing a few things to keep it in check.

1. More self care. You can’t pour from and empty cup, and being a mom, wife, teacher, daughter, cousin, sister, friend, etc can drain your batteries quickly. I want to make sure I spend a little time refueling each day, whether it be a hot bath or trip to the nail salon or reading my favorite blog. Me time is important and can help us be the best mamas and wives and whatever else we can be. I highly recommend making this part of your focus in 2019.

2. Exercising. That’s right – I said it and I mean it. Freaking exercise. Not only does my body composition need a reset, so does my mind. I hope to reap all the benefits and get some of those little endorphins everyone’s always raving about.

3. Eating real food. I need to swear off fast food forever. I am addicted. I love to eat and I love to eat baaaad. More real food is one of my goals in 2019. Things from the earth that have a shelf life.

As for wealth, Chad and I are going to try to Dave Ramsey the year and pay off as much debt as possible. This means I have to stop with the Nordstrom Rack purchases. Lord, be with me.

Happiness: well that’ll be easy. All of the above plus everything I already have are a recipe for success and true happiness. I feel quite blessed in 2019.



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