Dave Ramsey is a verb.

And for our next act, we’re moving again! That’s right; fifth move in six years. God be with us.

I packed away my books, took the pictures off the wall in the office, and decided I needed a beer. Cc played DJ and Marilyn Manson sang sweet nothings into our ears. I don’t think I’m ready to tackle this whole house. We’ve been here for a year and a half, and while that’s not all that long, we have acquired soooo much stuff in order to fill it up and to provide for a baby.

Then why the move? Two reasons: greed and debt. Greed; a word God placed on my heart during a quiet moment with Him. Debt; something we all face and often can’t escape.

Let’s start with greed. I have an affinity for reading fashion blogs. I watch about 5 bloggers religiously, and never miss an Instagram story or blog post. I model my outfits after things they’ve worn, and take their advice as gospel. But God pulled me aside one day and said,”Look, sister. You’ve gotta come back to reality. You’re being a bit greedy.” (Yes, this is how God talks to me. Go figure.) This lead me to a life of less. Less social media and shopping and pining after handbags.

And now, less house. We are selling our house that we have lived in for the last year and a half and moving in to a house that Cc’s parents own. We’re about to Dave Ramsey this b***h and pay off a large chunk of our debt. (‘Cause, ya know, Nordstrom credit cards exist…) This will set us up to buy the land we want (and need for cattle) and eventual build a home we will be in for longer than 2 years.

So this is our next adventure. Downsizing and minimizing. The simple life. A smaller home that may need a few updates, but will ultimately lead us to a better life and brighter future. And all in God’s timing.



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