Don’t Be

Here’s the deal: don’t be an asshole. Easy right? Seemingly, yeah. In reality, no. We all are. And here’s why I say that.

If you’re close to my family, you know there’s a lot of moving parts lately. If you want to know those parts, ask and I’ll inform you. But I say this because we are all always dealing with moving parts. And if you’re not, someone you know is. And you may not know those parts. And that’s ok. Just don’t be an asshole.

Anyway, moving parts. Changes. Tragedies. Surprises. Knock-you-off-your-feet-where-the-hell-did-this-come-froms. We all have them. And when we do, we need people. To reach out and extend their love. And when they don’t do that, we label them as an asshole. When they know something isn’t right, and they continue to go with the crowd in order to save their own ass. When they don’t extend that loving hand even though they are fully aware of the situation. When they bury their head in the sand. That’s an asshole.

Conversely, when you choose to trod around in your own proud, ignorant pants, you’re an asshole. When you sing you own praises rather than conversing with someone to learn theirs, when you belittle someone, when you choose not to strengthen a friend in need, you’re an asshole.

Don’t be an asshole. People carry enough on their shoulders without your pride crowding the air they breathe. Burdens and secrets and shame are heavy enough without you adding to the complexity. Be nice. Be kind. Be a light. People battle more than you know. Don’t be an asshole.

Walk this earth in a giving manner. Support. Care. Love. Just don’t be an asshole.



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