Take Life Slow

Take life slow. Enjoy the little things. Embrace the chaos.

I have the “luxury” of having summers off. I put it in quotations because if you are a teacher or love a teacher you know that’s a joke. I have summers off and I damn well deserve them. Also, my “summer” just started. I have taught summer school, gone to a conference, and had dinner with coworkers where we discussed nothing but work. So I have month “off” and I’m having a hard time adjusting. I took Cooksey to his pulmonologist today, and we took his daddy to lunch, came home and napped, and started packing for our next adventure. Tomorrow, Cook and I are headed to my parents for a week, and after that we are headed to the beach. Lots of packing, lots of mommy and baby time. And I had a hard time relaxing today. Cook is really good about following me around the house while I clean or do laundry and that’s what we did for hours today. He followed me and played in whatever room I was in, but by himself because I was too busy crossing things off my to do list. It wasn’t until I got to “water plants” that I took a breathe. We were on the patio and Cook was entertaining himself with his water table toy, when I sat down and thought “this is where I’m supposed to be.” I had a glass of wine on the patio, played with C, and enjoyed having no agenda. It was the best moment of my summer thus far. I lived in the moment. I embraced the chaos that is having a toddler. I breathed. And I vowed to enjoy the time C and I have together for the next two weeks. I’ve planned a trip to Waco for tomorrow; Magnolia and Cameron Park Zoo. Just Mommy and Baby. Going slow and enjoying the ride. Breathing.



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  1. Love this! Being present and living life in the moment is a theme I’m finding so common in my life this week.

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