Baby Shark

How do Baby Shark, cows, and hand foot mouth all relate? Lemme tell ya.

Yesterday Cook was real sick. Puked all over me. Wouldn’t be put down. Only wanted Mama. That kinda sick.

This morning at 5:30 we woke up and he was miraculously better. Happy baby, we listened to Baby Shark on my parents’ patio no less than 50 times. And he danced and danced.

I went to change his diaper to get ready to go to the zoo, and noticed his “chigger bites” from two days ago we’re much worse. Dark red and oozy. It was time to take him in.

Hand foot mouth is the diagnosis, which is a viral infection. Very contagious. Guess who’s also in for the same weekend? My niece and nephew. Quarantine time.

Because there is nothing we can do other than topical treatments, we went to the zoo. Cook ate a cheeseburger and was awarded some new toys for all his toil. Boy deserves the whole gift shop.

Fast forward past naps, the family has gone out to the cabin and C and I remain at the house. He’s down for the night early because he’s had a big day, and I’m on the patio enjoying a glass of wine. Grape Creek Vineyard for the win. The property next to my parents holds about 30 head of cattle and they’re right next to our fence. Longing for home and my own cattle, I walk barefoot over to the fence. 53 and I make an instant connection. She wants to eat out of my hand, even lets me touch her nose, but then runs away. Her playfulness sparks joy in me, and the simplicity of the country makes me thankful. I’m reminded to count my blessings; that of a healthy, happy baby, that of a loving family that supports me through the rough patches, that of a husband that has answered every FaceTime and phone call today. All of them. Simplicity is often the answer to life’s ailments. Overwhelmed? Simplify. Stressed? Simplify.

Cook is healthy, and CC and I had the chance to talk more today than when I’m home. Life is good. And simple.



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