More Springs

“That is one good thing about this world… there are always sure to be more springs.”

~ LM Montgomery

I was reading a Real Simple magazine today when I came across this quote and it spoke to me. More springs. More fresh starts. More renewal. “Springs” don’t necessarily have to be the actual season. They can be small changes. Restarts. Blank slates. New habits. New hobbies. A face mask and a manicure. A move across country. A new job. Anything that sets forth a spirit of renewal and change in you.

Chad and I are on the cusp on a new spring ourselves. As I’ve mentioned before, we have listed our house with a realtor and will be downsizing. Chad has been moving furniture while I’m at my parents, and I’ve been pining away on Pinterest looking at decor ideas. I’m excited for this move for many reasons.

1. It’s back to basics. This is a temporary living situation, so I won’t feel compelled to perfect every detail of this home. We are living on “sweat equity” so I will be doing projects, but because it is not my home I won’t be as pressured to have everything Instagram-worthy. I get to focus on what matters. Time with Cooksey, time with Chad, reading books, cooking, exercising, meditating, living simply. I can focus on quiet time with God and quality time with my family. I can call my mom from my back porch while the dogs run in the yard and I sip my wine. I can raise my chickens that Chad doesn’t know we’re getting yet. The basics. The simple things. The good life.

2. It is a fresh start. We get a whole new schedule regarding commutes to work and dinner time. We get a new routine in regards to what time we wake up and go to bed. We get new scenery. A new kitchen to work in, a new office to write in, a new backyard to play in. It will all be fresh.

3. It begins a new chapter in our life. Cook was brought home from the hospital to our current house, and it has served us well. We have made so many memories in it, and will miss it desperately. But this is a new chapter for us. We get a new set of daily experiences. We get to make new memories within new walls. We get to start new. A blank page.

We all need new springs in life. We need the times that turn over a new leaf and give us a fresh outlook. We need the renewal that comes with those times. We need new chapters to start new habits or begin new hobbies. We need to go back to basics, regain our strength, and start anew.

I hope you have many more springs in your life.



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