Life Lately #5

Life lately has been hectic. I taught summer school and then left town for a conference. Chad has been working like crazy and picking up where I’m slacking. Cook has had doctor’s appointments and viruses and saw the ocean for the first time. We are all just taking one day at a time and soaking up these days where I’m at home all day to dote on my boys. Life is hectic, but sweet.

Most recently, we took a beach trip as a family. It was so wonderful to see Cook react to the water and the seagulls. We got to see family that we only get to see every now and then, and I think that made the trip. It made Chad and I realize how blessed we are. We ate pizza poolside, drank too many beers, and have sand all over our house now but it was so worth it. Salt water cures everything. And now we are so glad to be home.

Speaking of home, we are in the middle of moving (yes, still) and I’ve got a bad case of the don’t-wannas. Don’t wanna pack. Don’t wanna clean. Don’t wanna unpack. Just don’t wanna. We did show the house today, but the agent complained that it was dark and said they had to fumble around to find the light switches. Our realtor and I had a good laugh about that. We have 20’ windows and the light switches are placed where you think they’d be. On the wall.

Which brings up another point. I am at a low-tolerance level for BS lately. People’s emotions, people’s opinions, people’s negativity. I am too busy working on myself to let your problems interfere with my progress. And you should be too. Tuning out all negative vibrations. *insert peace sign emoji here*

All in all, life is great right now. Busy and weird, but great. We are pushing through change and adjusting to new normals and enjoying every minute of it. So many blog post ideas in the notes on my phone so stay tuned.



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