How much room can there be for me?

Starting a blog is a daunting task. It requires an immense amount of time and creativity, both of which come in limited supply for me. Not to mention the saturated market. There are thousands of bloggers of all varieties. So how much room can there be for me? I’m trying to create a unique, authentic brand of myself for the world, but what if there’s no room? What if every topic has been covered? What if every word has been written? What if every idea is a mere replica of something I’ve seen or read before?

Don’t we often feel that way in life? Is there room for me? For my thoughts and my opinions and my personality and my spirit? Everyone else is so good at their thing, who needs me? Would anyone miss my presence if I didn’t exist? Do I fit in? Am I valued? Is there room for me?

Here’s what I know: we are hardest on ourselves. We have to live inside our own heads, and that makes us our own worst critics. We constantly think we are failing or making a mistake, when in reality others are admiring us for our bravery and tenacity.

The truth: there’s always room for you. The world needs you. The real you. The messy hair, says the wrong thing, can’t find her keys you. And also the got a promotion, ate kale for dinner, changes her own oil you. We all fail and we all win. Others need both to inspire and motivate them. When we fail, we can show others how to be brave. When we win, we can show others how to be gracious.

There will always be room for you. For all of us. In your job, in your relationships, in your family. We make up a whole that cannot be complete without any one piece. And you have something extraordinary to give.



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