Be Spiritually Rich

What does it mean to be spiritually rich? To understand being rich, we need to know what it means to be poor. And chances are we’ve all been poor in one way or another.

Being spiritually poor means being depleted. It means having no source of hope and guidance, no love to look to, and no helping hand. It is being emotionally and mentally exhausted. It is your mind wandering to places it shouldn’t. Your feet going down a path not meant for you. It is searching for yourself in things that can never fill the void. It is feeling washed up, used, empty. I’m sure you can think of a time you’ve been in this pit. Maybe you’re there now. Being spiritually poor means living in nothingness.

In contrast, being spiritually rich is an ocean of prosperity and love. It is knowing who you are and what you’re worth. It is trust and honesty. It is meaningful, mutually-beneficial relationships. It is enjoyment in the simple things, the things that make you happy. It is being a source of light and a guiding beacon of hope for others. It is a fountain of good. It is having a foundation that cannot be shaken.

Our culture seems to put being financially rich over being spiritually rich. I, too, am guilty of placing my focus on worldly things rather than my spiritual life and wellbeing. With the start of school approaching and things like the Nordstrom sale happening all over social media, it is easy to say “I will be happy if I have these things.” These “things” cost money, and sometimes more. Being so caught up in owning certain things or looking a certain way can be detrimental to our spiritual health. How quickly we forget that God looks at our inward appearances over outward beauty. How quickly we forget that it is more important to be kind than to be trendy.

I am so guilty of this, and I let social media consume me. I think “I need a new Tory Burch bag to start the school year right, and I have to have the cutest classroom.” In reality, those kids don’t care if I use my backpack from last year and don’t have a brand new accent chair in the corner. They want someone who shows up every day ready to love on them and teach them and be an example for them. Same goes for the adults in our lives. They couldn’t care less what you wear, only how you treat them.

I want to be spiritually rich. I want to be a women so on fire for God that it shines outward. I want to be that beacon for hope and love. I want to be interesting and inspiring. I want riches, but of the eternal kind.

Let’s focus on our spiritual well-being over our closets and bank accounts. Those things are also fine to be aware of and interested in, but not at the expense of your faith or stability. I still love shopping and love reading fashion blogs, but I also need to love quiet time with God and love reading my bible. It’s all about balance and priorities.

Be spiritually rich.



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