Be Spiritually Rich

July 22, 2019By Coloring Out LoudColoring Out Loud No Comments

What does it mean to be spiritually rich? To understand being rich, we need to know what it means to be poor. And chances are we’ve all been poor in one way or another. Being spiritually poor means being depleted. It means having no source of hope and guidance, no love to look to, and … Read More


Life Lately #5

July 17, 2019By Coloring Out LoudColoring Out Loud, Life Lately No Comments

Life lately has been hectic. I taught summer school and then left town for a conference. Chad has been working like crazy and picking up where I’m slacking. Cook has had doctor’s appointments and viruses and saw the ocean for the first time. We are all just taking one day at a time and soaking … Read More

More Springs

July 7, 2019By Coloring Out LoudColoring Out Loud 2 Comments

“That is one good thing about this world… there are always sure to be more springs.” ~ LM Montgomery I was reading a Real Simple magazine today when I came across this quote and it spoke to me. More springs. More fresh starts. More renewal. “Springs” don’t necessarily have to be the actual season. They … Read More