More Springs

July 7, 2019By Coloring Out LoudColoring Out Loud 2 Comments

“That is one good thing about this world… there are always sure to be more springs.” ~ LM Montgomery I was reading a Real Simple magazine today when I came across this quote and it spoke to me. More springs. More fresh starts. More renewal. “Springs” don’t necessarily have to be the actual season. They … Read More


Baby Shark

July 6, 2019By Coloring Out LoudColoring Out Loud, Ranch Life No Comments

How do Baby Shark, cows, and hand foot mouth all relate? Lemme tell ya. Yesterday Cook was real sick. Puked all over me. Wouldn’t be put down. Only wanted Mama. That kinda sick. This morning at 5:30 we woke up and he was miraculously better. Happy baby, we listened to Baby Shark on my parents’ … Read More

Take Life Slow

July 2, 2019By Coloring Out LoudColoring Out Loud 2 Comments

Take life slow. Enjoy the little things. Embrace the chaos. I have the “luxury” of having summers off. I put it in quotations because if you are a teacher or love a teacher you know that’s a joke. I have summers off and I damn well deserve them. Also, my “summer” just started. I have … Read More

Don’t Be

June 29, 2019By Coloring Out LoudColoring Out Loud No Comments

Here’s the deal: don’t be an asshole. Easy right? Seemingly, yeah. In reality, no. We all are. And here’s why I say that. If you’re close to my family, you know there’s a lot of moving parts lately. If you want to know those parts, ask and I’ll inform you. But I say this because … Read More