The Right Tools – Reviewing Edge Setting Tools for the Professional

There are always multiple solutions to a problem, as there are multiple tools to use while solving the problem.

My experience with certain applications has revealed the necessity of their presence in my arsenal. These staples are programs I feel any individual wishing to continue their personal development professionally should truly grasp and effectively be able to utilize.

Go ahead and treat yourself to this suite. It is an absolute creative haven and offers remarkable bang for the buck. For just over 50$ a month you get the ENTIRE SUITE OF ADOBE PRODUCTS. The latest versions, the latest updates, the latest new offerings. While there competition is non-existant, I feel that there is a misconception on the power Adobe’s software has to offer – it’s not just for your high school photojournalism class. And if it’s been that long since you’ve dabbled with it, prep yourself.

We’ll start with the absolute basic here – yes I am aware that Acrobat reader is available for free. And honestly, recognize that we take that for granted as they add features to it over time. If you are a professional that is not utilizing Acrobat Pro and settling for reader – you are at a disadvantage.

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